CE Marking is a certification mark that assures the compliance of the product according to the European Economic Area (EEA). It is recognized worldwide even outside the EEA and is acceptable Worldwide. It is also mandatory for conduction of business in the European market. The responsibility of the standard would be upon the manufacturer or trader placing the product in the market.

CE Marking also has a self-assessment wherein a manufacturer provides a declaration of conformity that ensures a pledge from the manufacturer of adhering to the rules proposed by the EU.

CE Marking Certification

What are the benefits of CE MARKING?

Business Advantages
Organizations having Proper CE Mark can conduct business without facing any restrictions In EEA (European Economic Area).

Product Reliability 
The product is trusted more in the market and safer products both with respect to manufacturing and customer safety is achieved.

Compliance to regulations 
Since CE Mark is the only set of regulatory process, manufacturers need not worry about too many restrictions. Applying and achieving conformity can be the one stop solution.

Since not all CE Mark certification requires Notified Body certifications, it is also possible for a few directives to be self-declared by the manufacturer for conformity.

Liability and damage claims 
Since the products are CE Certified and the practice of the regulations are inculcated, damages or errors would decrease in the product and liability claims would decrease in the European market.

Free Market Access 
Since CE Mark is the only certification required, nation-wise standards application is ruled out in European Free Trade Market. Any manufacturer can place his product in market with CE Marking.

What are the requirements of CE Certification?

Understanding of Applicable Directives

We would analyze products and classify them as per applicable directives for the product. We would also provide the applicable Harmonized Standards which regulate the product according to the norms of European Union (EU).

Suggestion of Tests Certificates

We would also suggest the applicable tests that need to be performed in order to certify the product with the applicable directives. These tests are also important in case of a few products that have stricter regulations.

CE Mark and Labelling

A CE mark is attached to the product as a display of conformity of the product. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer or his representative to attest the CE Mark on the product or package before entering the market. We would guide the organization to follow rules and regulations of CE labelling.

Educating Customers

We believe that an implementation is complete with knowledge transfer. We would be explaining the directives, regulations, amendments and harmonized standards and their affect on certification. Knowledge on how to utilize the certification for business maximization would also be imparted.

Declaration of Conformity

DoC is essential for certification. The manufacturer must provide a Declaration of Conformity before getting certified for the product. We would assist in completion of Declaration of Conformity that needs to be provided for certification.

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