Halal is derived from Arabic which means ‘Lawful’ or ‘Permitted’, provides assurance to all Muslim consumers that the food is processed according to Islamic laws (Sharia). The food products which are consumed by Muslim communities in daily life are in compliance with the process and procedure as defined by Islamic laws which are also nutritious and ensure quality.  CertPro would also offers the guidelines to be followed by the manufacturer or processor of food which establishes the halal process. The certification though is applicable to meat industry but is also applicable to industries that process milk, canned foods and additives. There are few requirement in halal certifications. The Certification would help the Muslim community to identify the acceptable food product and would also boost the business in few areas of nation where the community is in abundance. CertPro offers Halal Certification in India, South Africa, Oman, UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria and all other nations. With the Expertise’s in Halal Certifications CertPro is the last destination for all the certifications required with food Safety Management system.

HALAL Certification

What are the benefits of HALAL CERTIFICATION?

  • Lawful food according to Islamic dietary guidelines
  • Integrity and ethical way of life by avoiding cruelty to animals, harm to the environment and unfair business practices
  • Providing quality system and good practices for creating a trusted reputation with their customers
  • Legal implications
  • A platform to penetrate international markets
  • Boosts other supporting standards such as HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)


  • Food processing industry
  • Meat slaughtering houses
  • Restaurants and kitchens
  • Dairy industry

What are the requirements of HALAL CERTIFICATION?

  • Interested parties and stake holders
  • Muslim personnel certified under Islamic slaughtering procedures
  • Resource management – General, Personnel, Facilities and Environments condition and Equipments (Cutleries)
  • Process Requirements – Preparation, Processing, Packaging, Transportation, and Storages

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