iSO 10002:2018


The management system that provides guidelines to handle customer relationship in various aspects with the inclusion of planning, designing, operations, resources, and support to maintain customer satisfaction. The framework for achieving complete customer satisfaction can be achieved by having this standard. The standard would be essential to service-providing organizations that belong to critical core process. Customer satisfaction improvements would be optimized and continual improvement is achieved.  Comaplaint Handling System is crucial to the planning, design and development ISO 10002 framework.

ISO 10002 Certification

what are the benefits of iso 10002 certification?

  • Better Customer Retention: With this standard, it would be simple and effective to handle customers and retain them with the framework defined.
  • Clarity: Efficient and effective identification of complaints due to categorization of the same would lead to optimizing the best solution that needs to be provided – more clarity on the complaints is achieved.
  • Communication Enhancement: Internal and external communication improve as they are predefined and is easy to control with this standard.
  • Faster Resolution: As the database of resolutions provided is extracted and maintained, it would decrease the time of resolution period.
  • Association of Workforce: Due to enhanced communication and training, the workforce would be more involved in implementing requirements of the standard. Employees who are trained in awareness and responsibility of operations through trainings provided will benefit the organization to maintain the requirements of the standard.
  • Integrated Management System: The standard could be integrated with various management systems and the documentation and operation process can be decreased with respect to efforts without the efficiency being affected.
  • Branding: As all certifications can be used to build the reputation of the organization. The brand reputation would dramatically increase because of this certification.

Who can get ISO 10002 certification?

ISO 10002 is a quality management standard intended to be applicable for any organization, regardless of type, size, or product and services it provides.

What are the requirements of ISO 10002 CERTIFICATION?

Understanding of Requirements
Understanding the exact criticality of the error with respect to client and the requirements of resolution through classification. The resolution framework has to be framed based upon the interested parties that matter to the business. Requirements capturing and SLAs have to be framed with proper understanding of customer requirements.

Awareness and Competence
Any organization has to improve the awareness and competency of its workforce and CertPro believes in knowledge transfer. Trainings on ISO Standard Awareness especially with respect to complaints-handling and other demands of ISO 10002:2018 would be imparted to the workforce with our training methods.

Leadership and Responsibility
In any ISO certification, the importance of leadership is high. Recognition of leaders within the organization to implement standard requirements is very critical. CertPro assists in recognition and also empowers them with trainings specifically oriented towards leaders regarding internal audit and various other efficiency measuring and monitoring methods. We also assist organizations in division of roles and responsibilities required in ISO 10002:2018 by using guidelines provided in ISO 10001:2018 as refrence.

Framework of Complaint-Handling
It is important to design and plan for a framework that would be required to handle all sorts of complaints, categorizing them on criticality, responsiveness and investigation of complaints. CertPro helps in establishing and documenting the operating procedures for any customer seeking this certification with its experience and expertise.

In ISO 10002:2018, it is necessary to understand the levels of satisfaction of the resolution provided and also to understand the areas of improvement. We would assist the organization to design a system that would concentrate on evaluation parameters and monitoring of the complaint-handling process.

Audit and Reviews
The organization has to regularly audit and monitor the complaint-handling system which has been established. It would require management tools that needs to be imparted to the management and the leaders of the organization to evaluate the system. The trainings for the review methods and documentation required for proof generation that could bring up confidence in the organization and its interested parties is very important. We at CertPro provide trainings on monitoring and measuring of the system, Internal Audit and Management Review Meeting (MRM).

Continual Improvement
ISO strongly believes in Risk Based approach and Continual Improvement. We at CertPro conduct annual review of the system and provide areas of improvement that the organization has failed to identify. Surveillance audits would be performed, and before these audits, technical assistance will be provided by us.

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