ISO 20121:2012


ISO 20121:2012 is for Sustainable Event Management for any type of events & provides a guideline on conformity for its requirements. The main objective of Event Sustainability Management is to create and sustain a balanced approach towards economic activity, environmental responsibility, and social progress.

ISO 20121 Certification

What are the benefits of ISO 20121 CERTIFICATION?

  • Unique selling point in the global market space
  • Reduce cost, time & resource by implementing sustainability
  • Increase in opportunities
  • Comply with the legal & regulatory requirements
  • Engagement of staff & other interested parties

What are the requirements of iso 20121:2012?

  • Identify your issues in relation to your event management operations
  • Outline your commitments to sustainability in the form of a sustainability policy
  • Develop SMART objectives and targets in relation to sustainability
  • Awareness to your staff on sustainability
  • Challenges & opportunities
  • Creating roles & responsibilities
  • Resource management & assumptions
  • Planning & Implementing
  • Checks and monitoring
  • Internal Audits
  • Engage your suppliers on sustainability
  • Develop a sustainability communications plan
  • Monitor and measure your success
  • Audit and review your documentation
  • Communication plans
  • Supply chain management

Who can get ISO 20121 certification?

ISO 20121 provides a framework for all members of the event supply chain (from event managers and venues right through to production companies and caterers) to consider their social, economic and environmental impacts. As organizations can identify issues that are relevant for their events rather than work through a rigid checklist, ISO 20121 is applicable to events of all sizes, types & geography starting from a small house party to hosting a world cup. It is also relevant for all different types of events such as business meets, sports and cultural events.

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