ISO 26000:2010


ISO 26000 is an international standard for social responsibility that defines the responsibility of an organization for the impacts of their decisions and activities on society and environment through transparent and ethical behaviour.

ISO 26000 Certification

core subjects and issues OF Social Responsibility

  • Organizational Governance
  • Human Rights
  • Labour Practices
  • The Environment
  • Fair Operating Practices
  • Consumer Issues
  • Community Involvement and Development


  • Improved brand reputation thus enhancing better marketing and customer engagement
  • Better commitment and productivity of employees
  • Better attraction and retention of workers, clients and users
  • Enhanced relationships with stakeholders
  • Improved perception of investors, owners, and all the stakeholders

Who can get ISO 26000 certification?

ISO 26000 international standard is applicable to any kinds of organizations to address social responsibilities that are relevant to their vision and mission, processes, customers and other stakeholders.

What are the requirements of ISO 26000 CERTIFICATION?

  • Defining policies and procedures on social responsibility based on the seven fundamental principles
  • Stakeholders identification and engagement for better decision making for sustainable development
  • Integration of Social Responsibility as an integral part of the organization that includes clear communication, improved credibility, review and evaluation of progress on performance and voluntary initiatives for sustainable development

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