iSO 29001:2010

Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas

ISO 29001:2015 is a quality management system that states technical specifications/ requirements for petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas industries that includes design and development, production, installation, and service of products.

This standard is framed with an intention for organizations to ensure that they meet all requirements of customers and stakeholders.

ISO 29001 Certification

what are the benefits of iso 29001 certification?

  • Adherence to the requirements of international practices of oil and gas sector organizations
  • Handling operations with commitment to health and safety within a hazardous industry
  • Strengthening the confidence of stakeholders & public through sound and safe business practices
  • Value addition to both the organization and its suppliers through flexible and faster in responses to changing markets
  • Greater quality awareness amongst employees with the help of set of consistent and well-defined procedures
  • Improved organizational capabilities enables an organization to have better competitive advantage.
  • Ability to achieve intended results with better alignment of processes
  • Better approach to risk management and performance, thereby reducing the expenses and increasing efficiency in the system

What are the requirements of ISO 29001:2010?

  • Define the sequence and interaction of processes in the form of SOPs to make sure both the operation and control of these processes are effectively handled.
  • Define required resources and information to support the activities involved in these processes.
  • Define policies and procedures to be communicated to the organization, the importance of meeting customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Need to identify resources as per specific requirements that help management/organization to meet the set objectives and desired results.
  • Monitoring and review of processes that involves various activities beginning with planning of design and development until realizing the product from conceptualization into market.

Who can get ISO 29001 certification?

This standard is applicable to organizations:

  • That involve in exploration, production and refining of petroleum and natural gas products.
  • That indulge in design, manufacture, installation and servicing of equipment that are used in the activities of processing the petroleum and natural gas products.
  • That involve themselves in providing technical and operational support services in the same line of industry.

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