ISO 20000-1:2018


It’s a standard that assures the quality of services that an organization provides. Service Management is a critical aspect of IT industry, it ensures efficient and resilient services in the market. It embeds a service lifecycle strategy into an organization, its continuous monitoring and improvement of SMS and its services – wholly as ITSM.

ITSM Certification

benefits OF itsm CERTIFICATION to your organization

  • Consistent approach to the service lifecycle
  • Enhanced capability for planning, design, transition, delivery and improvement of services
  • Better management of supply chain
  • Enhanced Asset Management, Demand Management and Knowledge Management
  • Increased client retention
  • Reduction in service response times
  • Better Configuration Management
  • Enhanced Financial Management
  • Enhanced corporate image and credibility
  • Planned Outsource Management
  • Competitive Demonstration
  • Better Understanding of requirements

benefits OF itsm CERTIFICATION to your customers

  • Structured framework of services as a service provider
  • Customer focus in service sector
  • IT infrastructure management and support

Who can get Itsm certification?

Organizations which provide IT products and services to end clients. The organization that seeks to improve its service deliverables. Any organization that seeks to improve its service through understanding of needs of customers and concentrate on end deliverables. Any organization can seek ITSM irrespective of any size or location.

What are the requirements of ISO 20000-1:2018?

IT Infrastructure: Management of the KEDB and CMDB. Internal framework of infrastructure is built with effective management system.

Service structure: A better service structure with improvement in all core areas of services is maintained, Service Request Management, Service Agreements and Operational Level Control. Service portfolios are managed and maintained with clarity. 

Incident Management: Effective management of incidents, Response Management and solution provision for customers.

Knowledge Management: Knowledge Management helps understanding issues that are faced during the service delivery and faster resolution of the same is achieved with this. 

Change and Release management: Change and Release Management helps reduction in costs and risks of ongoing changes in the service structure. Release and Deployment Management helps to decrease costs and provide better services in a planned manner. 

Internal Audit: Internal audit is critical and mandatory for achieving said certification. It is a management tool provided in ISO to evaluate the conformity of compliance. Internal Audit training with the inclusion of Deming Cycle with templates and MRM minutes capture.

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