why iso certification?

Organizations with standardized processes and certifications tend to fare better than their counterparts in this dynamic market space.

– Improved Processes
– Reduced Costs
– Eligibility for Tenders
– Global Markets
– Satisfied Clients

Move past your competition with an ISO Certification.


“In the last six months we have seen our organizational profitability increase significantly thanks in large part to the change in practices around our management system and innovative strategizing of our
international projects.”

Bradley Engelbrecht
CEO, Be Cooling Limited
Mauritius, South Africa

“CertPro proved outstanding at identifying key issues and putting together a process that allowed us to work in a structured way. A great deal of expertise and knowledge was contributed by the consultants and they engaged all staff members to bring in ISO standards’ awareness.”

Rohan Kulkarni
CTO, Biz Bulwark Inc.

“Professional competence with personal touch. All queries are addressed in a timely manner and consultants are very helpful and accommodating. The entire project felt like I was working with people I had known for many years – it was a pleasure thoroughly.”

Malek A Karam
CEO, United Marketing Team Co. Ltd.

“Their consultants are genuine professionals, who deliver on promises, careful not to insult your intelligence or budget. Not only do they have great on-site trainings and support, their capabilities to work remotely with you not only saves time but also money.”

Srijan Tuteja
MD, WBS Innovations

“Association with CertPro has been very informative and directional. We appreciate their focus on training leaders of our organization to ensure that we always retain our commitment towards food safety. Their competence in handling huge corporations was evident. We are thankful for their services.”

Martin Osuji
GM, Tiger Foods Limited

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Our Legacy

Having worked with organizations across various geographies, delivering a wide range of standards and services, we have relied on our experience and our network of associates and auditors to build this solutions-centered organization.

Our work speaks for itself, and our clients are testimony to our legacy.









Our service delivery principles

Helping our clients demonstrate operational improvement

Ensuring to utilize optimal resources and time for project completion

Delivering projects at most competitive costs

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